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What the stymied Sprint T-Mobile takeover means to Ting

Sprint has withdrawn its bid to take over rival T-Mobile. The two carriers will remain competitors as opposed to a stronger combined number three carrier in the US mobile market.

So what does that mean for Ting and for Ting customers?

Nothing, really.

As Michael Goldstein pointed out in his post addressing the (then) possible merger, we could only make educated guesses about what might have happened if Sprint were successful in its takeover bid. We were optimistic that, given both the players’ demonstrated attitudes to wholesale, MVNOs like us would find an easy fit in the new mix.

Regulators made it clear the proposed merger would have been contested. Both the Justice Department and the FCC threw hats into the ring. The heads of both organizations took what the Financial Times called the “unusual step” of “publicly voicing their scepticism of such a transaction before a deal was on the table.”

The takeover attempt by Sprint was abandoned. A new Sprint CEO will be installed, replacing Dan Hesse. We have no reason to worry about our wholesale relationship with Sprint as it makes business sense for both parties.

Would we have loved the opportunity to offer service on a GSM network (T-Mobile) with customers bringing truly unlocked phones and only needing a SIM card from us? Sure. While we’re relived that any uncertainty can be put to rest, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re always looking to secure better, even more inclusive deals for our customers both current and potential.

Ting customers are enjoying stronger, faster service in even more places thanks to Sprint’s network improvements. The network roll-out is continual and the roadmap is clear. As it continues, our roaming agreement with Verizon covers the increasingly occasional gaps in rural areas.

All that said, we’re an autonomous company and our services aren’t contractually tied to any single network. That’s just our way of stating, for the record, that our success isn’t tied to anyone but us.

Which is just the way we like it.