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Five Golden Ticket winners, one to go…

Update: The sixth Golden Ticket was found! Congrats to Judith K. of Washington and all our winners.

As a reminder, we recently stuffed three of our sweet, new reusable Ting shipping portfolios with Golden Tickets. We also sent three digital Golden Tickets to random “bring your own devicers”. All Golden Ticket winners received $400 in Ting credit which, based on the average Ting bill, should offer about a year of free service.

blog_GoldenTicket-1So far, 5 out of 6 tickets have been found:

Stephen S. (North Carolina)
Jeff F. (California)
Sandy C. (West Virginia)
Ray T. (Ohio)
Catherine L. (Florida)

One of the best things about running goofy contests like this is that we end up meeting a few more of our customers. We get to hear about why they came to Ting and how things are going so far.

Jeff F. in California had a great story. He decided to come to Ting to save some money and bought the cheapest smartphone he could find on our site, the Refurbished LG Optimus S. Just as he did that, a friend offered him an eligible HTC EVO. He gladly accepted but was kind of bummed that he wasted the cash on the LG Optimus S. Then it arrived with a $400 credit! Best return on any investment he ever made.

When I spoke to Jeff, he was having some trouble canceling his account with Virgin and bringing his phone number over to Ting. He was concerned that he might have messed up the timing and lost his number forever. I said, “No problem, Jeff, call our Support team, we’ll walk you through the whole thing and make sure everything is fine.” He said, “Ugh, I’ll call, but I just know I’ll be left on hold for six hours.” I love it when people say stuff like that! Man, it’s so easy to be shockingly good in this industry. I talked to him the next morning. He had been lucky enough to get Kenisha on the phone. (I would say Kenisha is the best Customer Rep we have at Ting, tied with about 30 other Customer Reps.) He and his phone number are with Ting and doing great.

sandy (reduced)

I was also delighted to meet Sandy C. from West Virginia. Sandy and her family use very little data and were wasting money with plans that essentially force people to buy fixed amounts of voice, data and text that they don’t need. She admitted that our coverage is not ideal for her out there. But being able to pay for just what she uses was worth a bit of a sacrifice. And she is rightfully hopeful that it will get better.

Funny story. I was talking to Sandy on her Ting phone and we were having an awful time hearing each other. I’m screaming, “Congratulations Sandy!!!! How are you enjoying Ting so far??!!” After a about thirty seconds of this, I said, “Wow, Sandy, this is terrible, I don’t want you to live like this!!! If we don’t  have the coverage you need…” Just then, Sandy’s voice came through clear as bell and said, “Sorry about that, I was just looking for something in the basement.” I cracked up. So not that great, but not that bad.

I asked Sandy to send me a cute photo of herself and the Golden Ticket. She sent this photo and explained, “You asked for a cute picture of me and the ticket. Well I don’t do cute so much, but I included my goat Violet to add some humor anyway. The goats appreciate the win too, cookies for everyone!

Catherine gushed for about 10 minutes about how wonderful we are. I laughed about that. I figure you can suck pretty badly and then give someone $400 and there’s still a good chance they’ll gush about how wonderful you are. She said had just worked a 24 hour shift in the Intensive Care Unit and we made her day. I laughed again. That shouldn’t be a tough day to make. But we made her happy. That makes me happy.

One bit of data: 3 out of the 5 winners so far have never won anything their lives.

So, Stephen, Jeff, Sandy, Ray and Catherine have all claimed their prizes. Stephen, Ray and Catherine got the digital tickets. Jeff and Sandy got two out of the three actual tickets. One actual ticket is still at large. I love the drama, since history would suggest that the last one to find the Golden Ticket wins the whole Ting factory!

Inside the Ting Ground Crew: Meet Daniel

It’s been three months since the official launch of the Ting Ground Crew – a college student program designed to reward members for bringing classmates to Ting (you can learn more about the program here). Since the start, we’ve been blown away by the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the crew. They’ve made youtube videos, spray painted their campus (legally, of course) and made posters. I caught up with one of our first Ground Crew members, Daniel, to talk about the program and his thoughts on spreading the word about Ting on campus. See the interview below!

Name: Daniel T.
Ground Crew member since: June 2013

Ting Pic

How did you first hear about Ting?
After meeting a lot of new people during my first quarter of college, I quickly realized I needed a texting plan. However, the ONLY texting plan Verizon would allow on to my old family plan would cost an extra $10/user/month…ridiculous. Ting Mobile showed up in a blog I read after searching for, “Cheapest cell phone plans.” The fairness of the pricing and transparent business practices of their parent company, Tucows, made the switch a no brainer. After 8 months, I haven’t had a single disappointment.

What’s the best part of being in the Ting Ground Crew?
I think the best part is having the ability to get my referral credit in cash. Most people don’t have a problem since they’re going to pay Ting anyway, but my monthly bill is so cheap that I’m still using my pre-Ground Crew referral credit to pay my monthly bills. If I were still receiving Ting credit, it would literally just be sitting in my account. Thanks to the cash option, I now have the flexibility to pay for my college expenses as needed.

What do you find is the best to promote Ting on campus?
The best/most effective way to promote Ting is through the direct approach. Striking up a conversation with a random college student about Ting is pretty easy for two reasons. First, we are easily distracted from work and would rather talk. Second, we love hearing about ways to save money. However, fliers are also effective if done properly.

What’s the reception like of Ting on campus?
For the most part, it’s been pretty positive. I know a few students who have already made the switch for the financial benefits of Ting.

What are some of the challenges with promoting Ting on your campus?
Standing out without being annoying. Whether it’s through fliers or doing the direct approach, you have to really stand out since there’s many clubs/businesses trying to promote their activities/products on campus as well.

Why do you think Ting is a great alternative for students?
Bottom line, Ting will save students money. They are the first company that truly lets a customer pay for what they use. Most college campuses will have fast, campus-wide WiFi, rendering any data plan greater than 1GB not cost effective. Moreover, most students don’t use that many minutes, so there’s no need to pay for “unlimited talk.” Furthermore, a student can get even more savings by having multiple devices on an account (family, roommates, etc.). Essentially, Ting provides comparable cell service at affordable prices.

If you could give any advice to a future (or current) Ground Crew member, what would it be?
Be honest and knowledgeable. As a Ground Crew member, you’re officially a representative of the company. Speak from your own personal experience with Ting. An honest critique is the key to a successful referral.

We’re still taking applications for new Ground Crew members! College students in the US are welcome to apply!

Apply Now!

What’s new at Ting: Device reviews, buy used and a calculator update

Today’s What’s New update isn’t long. It is, however, substantial! Read on for a taste of what the Ting team has been working on over the past couple of weeks.

We’ve added several useful features that make it easier to buy or sell a device. We’ve also added a sharing option for those who want to share Ting Calculator results with friends and family.

For a summary of all updates, head over to the Release Notes section in the Ting Help Center.

Ting Device Reviews

By popular demand, we’ve added reviews to the Ting Device page. If you’ve owned a Ting device for over three weeks, you’ll soon see a drop down banner in your account dashboard inviting you to provide feedback on your device. We asking for honest, considered opinions that will help others make the decision of which phone is right for them. Please feel free to speak your mind! Your reviews will also help to shape the Ting device catalog and which devices we do and don’t stock.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.37.07 PM

Buy Used Page Updates

If you didn’t already know, we have a neat Buy and Sell devices forum section inside the Ting Help Center. To increase the exposure of these classified ads and to give potential switchers more used phone options, we’ve added these listings to the Ting Buy Used page. These will be displayed below the current used devices sections and will highlight six listings from the Buy and Sell forum.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.04.16 PM

Savings Calculator Sharing Options

We’ve added a share button to the Savings Calculator page to make it easier to share a Savings Calculator result. Once a savings calculation has been run, you’ll be presented with a nifty graph and a share button that gives the option to share your results with friends and family. Sharing options include the usual suspects: email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Have some feedback or suggestions for us? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. As well, check out our feature requests forum to submit your ideas and join the discussion!

Getting a new Ting device?
Getting a new Ting portfolio!

PrintCheck out the official Ting shipping portfolio!

Any new or refurbished device from Ting ordered after 4pm pacific today will be sent out in style. By in style, we mean in an original, professionally designed reusable package that encompasses everything you need to activate your phone!

The ordinary “tear-open-and-toss” style of packaging is so five years ago. It’s also the opposite of green (red?)

We envisioned sending our devices in something that’s not only protective but also reusable, practical and, dare we say, fashionable. We worked with Arc & Co Design Collective to make this concept a reality! Robert and Annie (pictured above) conceived this unique shipping portfolio to be a little something extra just for Ting customers.

Portfolio ContentsOnce it’s completed its primary task of getting your new or refurbished Ting device to your door safe and sound, this slick portfolio is designed to be reused. It’s the perfect size for carrying around small electronics like tablets and netbooks. The bright felt interior keeps your gadgets safe and sound, while the divider helps to separate and organize your belongings. The shipping portfolio also makes a great report holder, as paper materials and file folders fit snugly inside while the clear plastic window holds a mean personalized cover. Check out multiple views of the brand new portfolio in the gallery below!

We’re hoping for reactions that are less this and more this.

As always, we’d love your feedback. If you’d like to see something improved in the next generation Ting shipping portfolio, please let us know.

Aside from being a protective cocoon for your Ting device in transit and a handy reusable portfolio after the fact, there are many more unconventional uses for the Ting portfolio. We shared a photo of one on our Instagram feed, but here are a few more:

  • Tiny dog carrier
  • Uncomfortable pillow
  • Flotation Device
  • Awkwardly shaped fan
  • Rectangular, largely ineffective frisbee
  • Oversized clutch
  • Picture frame
  • Extremely large pencil case


We genuinely hope you enjoy the new shipping portfolios and the various ways you can use them! As always, if you have any thoughts on how to make these bags more useful (or perhaps your own unconventional use idea), please share!

    Device Update: Galaxy Note 3, Moto X, LG G2 and more!

    There are a bunch of great new and refurbished devices hitting the Ting lineup that we’re excited to tell you about! Here’s a run down of everything we’ll be launching in the next few weeks.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 3


    We’re excited to announce that the Galaxy Note 3 will be coming to Ting!

    Sporting a 5.7-inch screen, 3 GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera, the Note 3 is a solid step up from its predecessor. With a redesigned S Pen, leather-like back and original features, you’ll love all the improvements that have been made!

    Awesome new functions include Pen Window, which lets you open a window by drawing a box anywhere on your screen. Once drawn, you can instantly open the app of your choice for true multi-tasking abilities!

    With My Magazine, view everything that interests you all in one place. You can customize your personal feed by syncing news sources, subjects (such as fashion, business, or food) and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    samsung_galaxy_gear_render_520x300x24_fillAlongside the Note 3, we’ll be offering Samsung’s brand new smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear! This device is a companion to the Note 3 and can display notifications, control your media and much more!

    Both of these brand new Samsung gadgets will be coming to Ting in early October (*Update: Preorders will begin on October 18th, the device will ship in 2 to 3 weeks. I apologize for the confusion and delay). Exact price is TBD, but as always, it will be at or very close to the “unlocked” price.

    Moto Xmotorola-x-black_large

    Motorola’s new flagship device brings a ton of hype and for good reason. Running a tweaked version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Moto X has the polished interface of stock Android with superb additional features. Touchless Control is a Motorola exclusive that actively listens for your voice and activates with a specific phrase (“OK, Google Now”). Once activated, this personal assistant lets you do tons of hands-free tasks like emailing your friends, switching music and opening apps. Another great tool is Active Display, that uses sensors to automatically wake your screen when you flip it over or remove it from your pocket. What’s more, the Moto X comes with 50GB of free Google Drive storage for device owners for two years!

    Your Moto X ships in two to four weeks, and we’ve locked it down in two classic colors: black and white. To preorder, head to the black or white Moto X device page!

    LG G2

    LG’s G2 is a high-end Android Smartphone that packs some useful features within a unique design. It holds a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and capacious 3,000 mAh battery that’ll last all day. The G2 runs a customized version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and supports LTE tri-band network technology. In practical terms, that means better coverage, even indoors!


    The G2 comes with some awesome tools like KnockON, which wakes the screen by double-tapping, and Optical Image Stabilization, which reduces blur and improves low-light shooting. It also includes an audio “zoom” feature, where it will focus on specific sounds while zoomed in during a video recording.

    LG has also made an innovative move by positioning the Power/Lock and volume keys on the back of the device instead of the more common location. While this may take some getting used to, it’s a welcome break from the awkward finger stretching that has become the norm with big screen smartphones today.

    Kyocera Hydro EdgeKyocera Hydro Edge hydro 2 kyocera hydro edge pvf

    The Hydro Edge is a reasonably-priced rugged smartphone that’s IP57 certified, meaning it’s waterproof up to 3.28 feet of water for 30 minutes. The 1 GHz dual-core processor packs a serious punch for those looking to use some power-sucking apps. You’ll also have access to the new Smart Sonic Receiver technology that lets you hear callers in noisy environments, along with Eco Mode, which takes control of some phone settings to optimize battery life.

    The Hydro Edge should be arriving in less than two weeks, so keep an eye out on our Devices page!

    Zing Mobile Hotspot and MiFi 500 LTE

    We’ve got two new wireless hotspots hitting our shelves in the next two weeks.Netgear-Sierra Zing World Kite

    The Zing Mobile tri-band LTE Hotspot is a sleek and affordable wireless hotspot. It includes a 2.4-inch color display. You’re given several options to manage the device’s settings, including on-screen controls, a browser-based management console, and Android/iOs apps. It supports up to 10 wireless devices with a range of 50 feet.

    Novatel Mifi 500 modem novatel wirelessIf you’re looking for an LTE hotspot with greater range (up to 100 feet), Novatel Wireless’ MiFi 500 LTE is for you. The attractive and compact MiFi comes with its own OS so you can run apps like maps and weather widgets, and includes a MicroSD slot so you can easily share files between connected devices.

    Galaxy Mega

    The Talktanic itself, this phone aims to satisfy those who like it large. It has a massive 6.3-inch display, runs at 1080p resolution, and launches with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Mega is actually so big that it even has its own blog post.

    While we still don’t have an exact release date or price for the Mega, keep an eye out as we’ll be adding it in the near future!

    Refurbished Feature Phones


    The latest flip phones to be added to our refurb lineup includes the Kyocera KONA, a device never before offered by Ting, along with a familiar face, the Samsung M260. You’ll be seeing both of these devices live on our site in early October.

    The KONA is a simple feature phone that will suit anyone looking for an inexpensive, sturdy flip phone. It includes a small external color display and a 2.4 inch internal screen, along with a spacious keypad. While the KONA doesn’t include any sophisticated features or components, it has a straightforward interface that’s a breeze to use.


    The Samsung M260 is a basic flip phone that’s compact, inexpensive and reliable. While it only includes the essentials, the M260 can accomplish your calling and texting needs with ease.



    Early termination fees suck: Ting pays out ETFs up to $75 per line

    Early termination fees? Let Ting help

    In the Rhetoric 101 class of copywriting college, they teach that one way to engage your audience is to start out with a statement that everyone can agree with. Or so I assume. I didn’t actually go.

    Early termination fees suck.

    Early termination feesWe’ve been working on a way to soften the blow, and our efforts are now live and ready for primetime on the Ting EFT Relief page.

    If you remember our $100,000 ETF Buyout campaign back in February of this year, you’ll recall that the entire $100,000 ETF fund lasted all of seven minutes from the time we put the promotion live.

    We took that to mean that there was some latent demand. We started to think about what we might do next.

    Rather than undertake another one-time ETF buyout campaign, we decided instead to offer some ETF relief to everyone that pays an early termination fee with a contract to move to Ting.

    Effective today, we’ll pay 25% of the early termination fees paid to make the move to Ting, up to $75.

    That’s up to $75 per line, to be clear. If you’re breaking out of your family plan contract to come to Ting, you can receive up to $75 per line that has an early termination fee associated with it.

    Not to suggest you should do anything other than jump on this right away, but this isn’t a limited-time promotion. Rather, ETF Relief is just something we do now.

    How Ting ETF Relief works

    The process is clearly outlined on the Ting ETF Relief page but in short, here’s how it works:

    1. Activate a device with Ting: It can be a new device, a device purchased from the used devices page or a device that’s eligible to be brought to Ting.
    2. Port your number to Ting: Porting your number automatically cancels your account with the previous provider. You’ll receive your final bill, including your early termination fee.
    3. Send us your ETF documents: We’ll do a quick check to make sure everything lines up and we’ll drop 25% of your early termination fee up to $75 for each cancelled line with an ETF associated.

    If you’re stuck in a mobile contract and you’ve been thinking about making the move to Ting and mobile that makes sense, there really is no time like the present.

    Get all the details and, if you’re under contract, score a little Ting ETF Relief!