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Come hang out with us for a chance to win an S4!

On Thursday, September 5th at 2pm EST, some of the team members at Ting will be chatting live and streaming to the Ting YouTube channel.

We’d love for you to join us!

You’ll see members of the team across departments such as Product Management, Marketing, Product Development and Customer Service. Topics of conversation include service updates, device news, where Ting is going and a Q&A session.

Speaking of Q&A…


Ask us a question to win!

Starting right now and until the end of the hangout, if you have a question you want to ask one of our team members (anything at all!) please fill out this form or tweet us your question with the hashtag #TingHangout. If your question gets answered on air, you’ll win a pair of Ting sunglasses!

Win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

One lucky participant will be chosen from all questions to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 to use on Ting. The winner will be drawn at the end of the hangout.

How to join in

Head over to at 2pm this Thursday to join in the conversation.

We hope to ‘see’ you there!

Join the Ting Ground Crew this school year!

Are you a college or university student in the US? If you’re enthusiastic about Ting and want to earn some extra cash for school, consider joining the most awesome club on campus – the Ting Ground Crew!

The Ting Ground Crew has been discontinued – thanks to all the students who participated over the years!


What is the Ting ‘Ground Crew’?

The Ting Ground Crew is a program designed for University or College students

How does it work?

Upon signup, you’ll receive your very own Ting promo code ( that you can use to promote Ting. The code is worth $25 off a new Ting device or $25 in service credit to anyone who uses it. We’ll track how many people sign up using your referral code and pay you accordingly.

Who is eligible?

If you’re a registered student at a university or college in the US, you’re eligible to join. You will have to prove student status upon signing up.

How can I promote Ting on my campus?

Get creative! We encourage you to put up posters around campus, promote online, attend sporting events, set up a booth in the main concourse at your school, etc. Every school is different, so feel free to promote however you see fit (within the Ting terms of service and respecting your school’s rules and regulations, of course). We’ll also send you marketing material including Ting logos and fact sheets to help you out!

What’s in it for me?

Other than a fancy new Ting t-shirt, we’ll pay you $50 in cash money for every person you successfully refer to Ting using your unique promo code URL.

When do I get paid?

At the end of the month, we’ll send you a check provided you have five or more referrals ($250 or more) banked. This process is automatic and you don’t need to request payment. If you don’t hit the required five referrals threshold in a give month don’t worry: Your referral credits carry over month to month.
BONUS: If 10 people use your promo code in 30 days, you will receive a $100 bonus at the end of the month.

When can I start?

Once you’ve filled out the form and have been approved by us, we’ll send you your promo code URL and you’ll be good to go! We’d love to see pictures of you on campus in your Ting gear!

Apply Now!

The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades!


Here at Ting, we understand that starting a new school semester can be pretty overwhelming. We want your transition to go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve launched a sweet back to school offer to help you scholars out!

Starting today, students who sign up for Ting using our Student Offer Form will receive a code that’s good for $50 off the first device on a new account or $50 in Ting service credit. What’s more, the first 500 students will receive a pair of our super swank Ting sunglasses! Keep in mind you must provide the name of your US college, a valid student email address, and either your latest cell phone bill or student ID in order to be eligible. This offer ends September 9 at 12:00 PM ET.

At Ting, you’ll never be locked into a contract. We don’t do overage charges or penalties. The Ting account dashboard makes it easy to take control of your usage and ultimately, what you’ll pay for monthly mobile service.

In short, shades aside, there are no shady deals here!

*Note: This promotion is only applicable to the first purchase or device brought on to an account. Existing customers are not eligible.

Frequently asked questions

Ting launches Personal Shopper, the easiest way to find a used, inactive device

If you’ve ever spent time searching the classifieds of, or the like for a used mobile device, you know how time consuming it can be to find exactly the type of phone you’re looking for in your price range.

We at Ting know that beyond our refurbished device selection, you may be looking for another eligible, inactive device to start using on Ting. Like filing your taxes or getting your hair cut, sometimes it’s easier to have an expert to do it for you. That’s where the Personal Shopper program comes in!

The Ting Personal Shopper is a new service from Ting. We’ll take all the hassle out of searching for the perfect, Ting-compatible used device. You tell us what you’re looking for: model, specifications, price, must-have features, and we’ll get back to you with our expert (if we do say so ourselves) recommendations. We’ll even send you links to where you can purchase the used device!

To request your very own Ting Personal Shopper, fill out the Personal Shopper form above with your device specifications. You’ll receive an email with your personalized recommendations in three business days or less!

Introducing Jesse – Ting’s new Content Coordinator

I’m Jesse, the newest addition to the Ting content team! I couldn’t be more excited to work with the bright folks at Ting and be a part of the growth of such an amazing company. As content coordinator, my role is all about communication. I’m psyched to have this opportunity and I hope you’re looking forward to what’s in store!

Upon a nervous arrival on my first day, I was warmly welcomed by the marketing team, who decked me out in swag, introduced me to tons of friendly co-workers, and had me feeling right at home in no time! I was goaded into doing a series of backflips to prove my worthiness. Years of training had brought me to this point, and while it wasn’t a perfect ten, I’m glad I made the cut!

Life at Tucows

Free daily fruit, quality coffee, comfortable couches throughout the office, and flexible hours are several of the great benefits we receive here at Ting. My favorite, however, has to be the sweet barbecues on the rooftop balcony which I expect to take full advantage of. Chicken, ribs, burgers, corn on the cob, grilled veggies… SO MANY OPTIONS!

Ting is arranged in an open-concept office. I enjoy this because it’s motivating to see busy co-workers around me, and it’s easy to ask questions and start conversations. Great for a newbie like myself! While the hospitality and snazzy environment are reason enough for me to be confident I’m going to love working here, it’s the overall passion of the larger team and Ting’s business model which really sealed the deal for me. The flexibility, transparency, and actual fair pricing are impossible to ignore. It’s cool to see that my co-workers and Ting customers alike share a real enthusiasm for fairness and changing the mobile industry.

From what I can see in my (admittedly limited) experience so far, Ting customers are an amazing bunch and they (you!) deserve top-quality content. I’ll work my hardest to provide just that! Not just blog posts but interesting social media conversations, app reviews, industry news and more.

And if you’re planning to come to one of the Ting meet-ups in Minneapolis, Texas, New York or Illinois, perhaps I’ll see you there?

What’s new with Ting
(short answer: Rather a lot)

Changes happen pretty fast at Ting HQ and we’re always working to improve the customer experience. To us, it’s just the way things should work.

Sometimes, we neglect to speak publicly about the cool stuff we are and have been working on. Not because we’re not excited about what we’ve been up to or because we like keeping you in the dark. Rather, it’s because we believe you’re only as good as your last release and so we’re busy working on what’s next.

With that in mind, and if you’ll forgive us a little horn tooting, here are a few of our latest achievements. If you want to stay up to date as we release new features, follow the Release Notes category here on the Ting blog. We intend to do a much better job of calling out what’s new going forward.

Improvements to Ting proper

This could easily end up as the longest post to ever hit the Ting blog… and that’s saying something. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet with just a few highlights of improvements that have hit Ting and your account dashboard in the past few months.

Ting Calculator

On the Ting Calculator page, anyone entering Verizon as their carrier will be invited to enter their Verizon account login and password. Those that choose to do so will see the calculator automatically populated with their precise usage data. This saves would-be customers the trouble of hunting around for a few bills then manually entering the data in order to get a Ting savings calculation.

Many of our new customers are coming from existing customer referrals. We very much appreciate the vote of confidence we’re always working to improve the tools to help you make the referral case. The Ting Calculator is a good example.

If you have friends on Verizon, the calculator is the perfect tool to help you explain a) that they’re probably way overpaying for “unlimited” and b) the unique Ting pricing structure that, for a large majority of mobile users, means huge monthly mobile savings.

Share your referral link with friends and point them to the Ting calculator to capitalize on our referral program. Your first ever successful referral net you $50 and each subsequent referral sees $25 in Ting credit dropped directly into your Ting account.

Find your unique referral URL in your Ting account dashboard under Referrals.

We probably don’t need to say this but we do not store Verizon logins, passwords or any identifying information when pulling in Verizon usage data from an account.

Full SSN no longer required

When a new customer signs up, we no longer ask for their full social security number, only the last four digits thereof. SSNs were always transmitted securely (all Ting pages are https) and were not being stored. By only asking for the last four digits, we get the confirmation that we need while at the same time, demonstrating our commitment to your privacy. Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

Plans to Rates

We eliminated “plans” and pre-payment entirely in June. Now, rather than prorating usage and asking for payment up front, we just settle up at the end of the month. All the details are here in the blog post entitled Ting has eliminated plans.

Swap your number to a new (or old) phone

Previously, switching your number from one Ting device to another required a call in to our customer service team. Not that those calls are ever anything less than pleasant, but it was an annoying extra step. Now, you can do a device swap yourself as part of the device activation process.

The process is instant; move your existing number to a new (or old) device and start using it right away.

Switch your number from your top-end smartphone to a phone like the rugged, waterproof and inexpensive refurbished Kyocera DuraXT for your weekend camping trip so you can stay in touch without taking a risk with your top-end smartphone. When you return, just switch it back without interruption.

While this important improvement was already on our to-do list, we expedited as a direct result customer feedback… which we always appreciate receiving. Please keep it coming!

Coverage map

The Ting coverage map received a sizeable upgrade. There are numerous improvements behind the scenes that mean results are returned much faster. We also changed some stuff you can actually see: The option to view recently mapped locations with a click and wider differentiation between the colors that represent the different services, for example. It sounds like a small change but it makes a big difference in usability and, as our development team might attest, it wasn’t a small thing from an implementation perspective.

Carrier coverage maps suck, as a rule. Ours definitely sucks the least. We’ll continue working to make it suck even more less. Stay tuned!

Ting Android app

Since we launched the official Ting Android app, we’ve been making improvements both subtle and major. The latest release saw the addition of a few oft asked-for features. Specifically …

Alerts in the Ting app

The Ting app now offers the ability to create usage alerts and edit existing ones on your Android device. You can do everything alert-related that you’d typically have to turn to your account dashboard to do previously: Set a simple alert that emails, messages or notifies you on your device. Set a hard cap so that data gets turned off when little Billy exceeds 500 MB of mobile data and so on.


When setting a usage alert in your Ting account dashboard or in the Ting app, you now have the option to receive the notification on your Android device with the Ting app installed. Ting account alerts appear just like any other in your pull-down notifications tray.

Lower data demand

In addition to the option to update only on Wi-Fi that’s been in the app since day one, we worked on the data compression when passing between the Ting app and your Ting account and were able to cut data demand as a result.

These are just a few of the things we’ve been working on, along with the general tweaks, nips, tucks and improvements you’d expect.

In case we haven’t made it clear, many of these improvements come as a direct result or were prioritized thanks to your feedback.

We’re always listening on our our Facebook page, on Twitter, via our YouTube channel, on Google Plus, in the comments on blog posts like this or via the official feature requests forum. Your feedback helps us to find friction points we may otherwise not see because we’re so close to the product.

Please keep the feedback coming! While we could conceivably build Ting without you, there wouldn’t really be much point in that, would there?