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Ting 1.03

The following changes to went live Thursday November 17th, 2011:

  • Devices are now sorted correctly on the Devices Page
  • Added ability to navigate back and forth between Device Pages
  • Changed device purchase process with better warnings about low/no coverage zones
  • Shipping Address now allows for optional Business Name information
  • Made option to transfer a number from another provider during activation easier to find
  • Your Account now shows devices awaiting Activation
  • Activating a device from Your Account now auto-fills ESN/MEID
  • Device being activated shown on Activation Confirmation page
  • Improved accuracy of data usage reporting (was tracked accurately but not always displayed accurately)
  • SSN is now partially obscured on confirmation page
  • New 404 “Page Not Found” Page
  • New “System Error” message (hopefully you’ll never see it!)
  • Billing Details now have a printer-friendly style
  • Fixed Billing Details for first bill if all 0 Plans selected
  • Corrected error in reporting sending international text messages
  • Improved page load times
  • Many minor visual, wording and and bug fixes

Ting 1.02

The following changes to went live Thursday November 3rd, 2011:

  • Made SSN optional in device purchase process
  • Fixed “where to find my ESN” link
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to Saving and Usage Calculators
  • Changed the way we check data for coverage when ordering devices
  • Changed log-out to 30 hours
  • Made Shipping Address editable by Ting Team
  • Made Billing Phone Number visible to Ting Team
  • Changed purchase order prefix from TINGTEST to TING
  • Made “Page Not Found” messages consistent throughout site
  • Increased redundancy of several back-end systems
  • Made “dots” on home page message carousel clickable
  • Data usage is not being calculated correctly
  • Business ID and SSN fields now accept dashes as part of input
  • Changed incorrect Optimus S image
  • Changes to Device Order process to make it more tolerant of different address types and service quality levels.
  • Added missing images to “Using Android” posts.
  • Fixed issue with some AMEX numbers not being accepted.
  • General code clean-up & refactoring
  • General bug fixes
  • General clean-up of minor visual design inconsistencies