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Why Ting mobile service is a great choice for gamers

Since launching over four years ago, Ting has been a great choice for gamers all across the United States.

There are several reasons why Ting mobile service has been a hit with the gaming community, but it all stems from our innovative pricing model that lets you pay for what you use each month. Whether you’re a PC or console gamer, one thing you both have in common is that you likely spend most of your time around a Wi-Fi connection. If you’re constantly using Wi-Fi, what’s the point of paying for a hefty mobile data plan?

With an average monthly bill of $23 per phone, Ting can help you save big time on your cell phone plan without having to give up a quality smartphone experience. You can even hack your phone plan and get a $16 monthly phone bill with Ting by using Google Hangouts and Google Voice.

Three nationwide network offerings means you can bring pretty much any phone to Ting Mobile, from the latest iPhone X to the oldest Android phone collecting dust around your house. With intelligent tools that give you complete control over your Ting account and no-hold customer support (including live chat), we believe in a better way to do mobile.

Why Ting Mobile is perfect for gamers

You and your phone are covered

Ting offers cell phone service on three distinct nationwide networks.

Nationwide coverage across three networks means most phones will work with Ting – your current phone is likely one of them. The Ting compatibility checker will tell you right away whether the phone in your hand will work with Ting. If it’s good to go, all you’ll need is a Ting SIM card to get started! Your number will be safe too – transferring it to Ting is a breeze and a standard part of our activation process.

If the phone you own can’t come to Ting mobile, no sweat. The Ting Shop offers a wide array of Android and iOS phones to choose from, both new and refurbished. Or you can purchase a compatible phone from the Apple Store, Google Store, Amazon, etc, and bring it to Ting.

More info on compatible GSM devices.

Pay for what you use

Ting’s flexible rates make it easy to save big each month. You don’t top up your account or pick a plan and pray that you’ll use that exact number of minutes, messages and megabytes each month. You just use your phone during the month and pay a fair price for your actual usage at the end of the month.

Meaning, if you’re always around Wi-Fi and don’t use any data, you won’t have to pay for any data. If you don’t make voice calls (or find hacks like using Google Hangouts for free outbound Wi-Fi calling), you won’t pay for any minutes either. Likewise, if you don’t send any text messages, you won’t pay for any.

With Ting, you get complete control over your usage, your account and ultimately, your monthly cell phone bill. Since minutes, messages and megabytes are pooled within one account, the more phones you add under an account, the more you save per device on average, too.

The tools to take control

As a gamer, you’re used to taking matters in your own hands. Things you’d usually expect to have to call your provider to change can be done by yourself in the Ting dashboard and Ting mobile app. Whether you’re looking to disable international long-distance calling, change your caller ID or enable voicemail, you can go at it alone.

You even have the ability to completely disable voice calling, text messaging or mobile data directly from your device settings page.

Customer support that caters to you

If you ever need to chat (even if you’re not a current customer), you can always call Ting’s no-hold, no-transfer customer support line. If you’d prefer a text-based conversation, Ting provides live online chat support and email support too. The “Help” section in the top blue navigation bar will connect you with us whichever way you prefer.

Come and go as you please

Ting does rates, not plans. By not locking you in a contract, you’re welcome to try us out for a month and leave if you’re not satisfied – no strings attached. If you’re currently locked in a contract but interested in switching to Ting mobile, we’ll help with your early termination fee.

Lastly, we’re also big fans of online gaming and eSports, sponsoring StarCraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Rocket League tournaments on Twitch.TV.

Ting currently sponsors the top non-Korean StarCraft 2 player in the world, Neeb.

We also challenged Twitch viewers to StarCraft 2 matches during a BaseTradeTV tournament sponsored by Ting and filmed the whole thing!

Try Ting with your phone

Try Ting with your phone

Most phones work on Ting with no changes required. Confirm that yours is one with a risk-free BYOD check.

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