Our progress in Centennial

  • Exploration
  • Exploration
  • Design
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Construction
  • Lighting
  • Lighting
  • Expansion
  • Expansion
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    Exploration Completed

    We’re talking to local leadership about permits, lease agreements and other fun topics. Stay tuned.

    The latest in Centennial

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    Design Completed

    We’re drawing up a network design and early construction plan that will work for your town.

    The latest in Centennial

  • build status graphic

    Construction Completed

    Look for the Ting team and our trucks as we begin the work necessary to bring you fiber Internet.

    The latest in Centennial

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    Lighting In-progress

    We’re actively bringing homes and businesses online with crazy fast fiber Internet.

    The latest in Centennial

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    Expansion Pending

    Exploration, design, construction and lighting run concurrently as we bring fiber to more places.

    The latest in Centennial

illustration of different screen sizes and a rocket launching

The fastest game in town.

Crazy fast Internet, no matter how many other people are online. This is gigabit fiber Internet with up to 1000 Mbps speeds.

illustration of laptop displaying a video call with someone

Made for makers.

Be more than a consumer; push things to the Internet as fast as you pull them off. Upload in seconds, not hours.

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Fiber Internet can actually up your property value a few points. More than that, it ensures you and your property are on the right side of history

Simple, fair pricing. No tricks.

The price you see is the price you pay. Your bill won’t start creeping up month over month. We don’t play those games.

Home Gigabit
1000 mbps download speed
1000 mbps upload speed
Unlimited data

+ Start up costs

Buy your Ting Internet Box for $200 or rent it for $9 per month. Installation costs vary but are less than $200

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Fiber for Business
Symmetrical Gigabit speeds
SLA backed
Enterprise level support

For your business needs

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Not ready for crazy fast?
Our symmetrical 5 Mbps plan for $19/mo is a great way to get started with Ting.

No more dead spots

Any great internet package needs a good WiFi router and Ting makes it easy to pick. Select the size of your home, and we'll make sure your whole home gets Crazy Fast Internet

TV is amazing on Ting Internet

Streaming devices like the Apple TV 4K work amazingly on Ting Internet. Watch all your favorite channels and shows, plus a whole lot more with streaming TV.

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We’re not your typical Internet provider.

Don’t take our word for it. See what real Ting customers have to say.

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