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Ting Internet press room

Resources to help you write about and connect with the Ting brand.

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We love our logo just the way it is—please don’t alter it, change its color, or add any effects or graphics. Use the primary Ting logo whenever possible, always on a white, primary blue, or business blue background. The business logo is available for communications related Ting’s business fiber products.

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  • Elderly homeowner sits comfortably in their home, using a laptop.

    Ting Internet customer

  • A close view a novelty fiber optic cable, and the glass strands which transfer data.

    Fiber internet

  • A Ting ground team installing fiber internet.

    Ting town

  • Ting Internet ground crew installing a fiber internet connection.

    Ting ground crew


Media contact

Victoria Cacioppo

Sr Manager, PR & Corporate Communications

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