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Why choose fiber internet?

Ting’s fiber internet is the best internet technology for all your devices today—and tomorrow.

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A young adult happily using a laptop over a Wi-Fi connection.
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Illustration comparing a direct, dedicated fiber internet connection with other connections that use traditional copper-based tech (like cable or DSL), or a combination of fiber optics and copper that are shared by multiple users.

Ting Internet: 100% direct fiber to your home

Unlike other providers, Ting gives you an all-fiber connection directly to your home. So whether you’re video calling, gaming or streaming, you’ll have consistently fast and reliable internet—free of the slowdowns that hybrid connections can experience due to the use of outdated copper wiring.

Everything’s better with fiber

Home workstation with books and a modern computer.

Make working from home easier

Nothing derails a workday quite like slow internet. Meet, collaborate, and share files faster than ever before. And do it all on any device from anywhere in your home.

Streaming TV service logos: Peacock, Sling TV, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, YouTube TV, Disney plus, Hulu.

Stream TV and movies in seamless 4K

With fiber, everyone in the house can watch Netflix, YouTube TV, and all their favorite shows and movies in crystal-clear 4K. No slowdown, no buffering.

A laptop with a video call on the screen.

Freeze-free video calls

Video eats up a ton of bandwidth. Fiber gives you more than enough for uninterrupted family hangouts with no awkward stutters or disconnects.

Gaming peripherals: keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Game like a pro

Get ultra-fast, consistent speeds for the best low-latency gameplay. And forget downloading games in hours. With fiber, it takes minutes.

A student’s desk top with a tablet showing a class schedule.

Learn and create faster

Upload as fast as you download with equal speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. That means faster file sharing, streaming and real-time collaboration for students and creators.

Home security camera with video feed displayed on a phone screen.

Find more peace of mind

From cameras, to speakers, to thermostats, fiber helps your smart home devices run better together. Create a safer, more convenient home.

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  • 100% fiber-to-the-home

  • 24/7 live support

  • No contracts or hidden fees

Why choose Ting

In every town we’re welcomed into, we bring more than great internet. We believe in being a true community partner by hiring local, supporting small business and championing good works.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Tell me more about how fiber works.

    Fiber works by firing pulses of light through optical glass strands that carry data, typically via an underground cable network. Light is an extremely efficient method of getting data from point A to point B.

    Compared to older internet tech that uses bulky copper wiring to send data, fiber makes for faster, clearer, more reliable transmission. Learn more about how it works.

  • How long does a fiber installation take?

    If Ting Internet is new to your neighborhood, it takes about 3 weeks from conducting an initial home assessment to having a connection built from our network to your home.

  • Is a wired connection faster than wireless?

    A wired connection will generally allow for faster maximum speeds than being connected on Wi-Fi due to things like competing wireless signals and the limitations of older devices. 

    That said, with today’s Wi-Fi technology and the right Wi-Fi system in your home, you can still get more than enough speed for seamless streaming, gaming, and web browsing—without the hassle of plugging anything in.

  • Do you offer fiber for businesses?

    Yes! Check out our fiber business plans for info on getting a custom-fit, scalable Ting Internet solution for your small or large business.

  • Does Ting Internet build its own network?

    Ting Internet builds full-service fiber-optic networks. Our engineers work to create a full network plan to address current and future needs of Ting towns, and our construction crews build the network with as minimal disruption as possible. From there, we connect homes and businesses in the community, with our support team there to help our customers every step of the way. We do it all.

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  1. Based on a 50 Mbps cable connection compared with Ting Internet's 1000 Mbps equal download and upload speeds.