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Choose your data plan

All plans include unlimited talk and text. All plans except Flex include an allotment of LTE or 5G fast data. If you go over, get unlimited data at 2G speeds or grab a fast data top-up.


$10/mo + $5 per shared GB
  • Unlimited talk + text
  • Nationwide LTE & 5G coverage
  • Shared data across lines

Set 5 GB

$25/mo 5 GB LTE / 5G data
  • Unlimited talk + text
  • Nationwide LTE & 5G coverage
  • All 5 GB can be used as hotspot


$45/mo 22 GB LTE / 5G data
  • Unlimited data, talk + text
  • Nationwide LTE & 5G coverage
  • Includes up to 12 GB of hotspot

After monthly data allotment is exceeded, you will be reduced to 2G data speeds for the remainder of the month.

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Top-up data

If you run out of fast data before you run out of month, you can add a data top-up at $5/GB on all plans except Flex. Any unused top-up carries over to the next month too.

Frequently asked questions

Many smartphones allow you to share mobile data with other devices like tablets and laptops in “hotspot” mode. Hotspot data refers to mobile data that is used in this way.
You can add a top-up any time you need it in your account control panel or by calling our support team. Fast data is purchased in 1 GB increments at $5 per GB and does not change your monthly plan.

Any add-on fast data you purchase is used only when the fast data allotment for your plan has been reached. Fast data that was added but not fully used in a billing cycle will carry over once to the next billing cycle.
You can add as many lines as you want under an account but all lines must be active on the same plan at this time.
Once your fast data allotment has been used, data speed is reduced to 2G (128 Kbps). 2G speed is enough to stay connected but not sufficient for high-demand activities. When your next billing cycle begins, your fast data allotment will automatically reset.

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